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Here at Contractor's Keeper LLC, we have a passion for helping those in the construction trades by providing remote, yet personal, services that allow our clients to gain financial clarity and make better financial decisions. These services include:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping and/or Bookkeeping Clean-ups in QuickBooks Online

  • Assistance in choosing, setting up, and integrating project management software

  • Setting up and running assisted payroll

Our prices range from $300/month for our basic package to a couple thousand dollars per month for companies with complex needs.


We have found that our services are best suited for companies in the residential or commercial trades that are averaging between $250,000 and $10,000,000 in annual gross revenue. We do also accept smaller clients who are looking to grow.

Referred clients must be US based and use or be willing to use QuickBooks Online as their accounting software.


We do not currently work with land developers, house flippers, spec home builders, or commercial GC's.

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When you refer clients to us, you can cash out on up to $300 per referral! Here's how:

  1. Contact us to let us know you'd like to be a referral partner if you are not already affiliated with us as an employee or as a client.

  2. When you refer clients to us, be sure to let us know the names of the companies you've referred, or alternatively, have the referred client let us know you sent them our way.

  3. You can earn $150 for each referred client who enters a bookkeeping clean up contract with us (6 month minimum). You can also earn $150 if they enter an ongoing monthly bookkeeping contract with us. That would be a total of $300 if they do both!

  4. Get paid: Current clients will receive a credit toward their next invoice. Employees will receive a bonus with their payroll direct deposit. All others will have a choice to receive referral rewards via Paypal or as an Amazon Gift Card.


Referred client must not be a client we have previously had an engagement with.

Referred client must pay their clean up and/or monthly bookkeeping invoice before we issue a referral reward. Once the client's payment clears into our account, we will issue the referral reward within 14 days. If referred client does not pay, no referral reward will be issued.

If you earn $600 or more within one year, we will require a W-9 before we issue a payment that will put you over the $600 threshold.

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